Doc Tac's News & Views Podcast is here!


The Northborough Free Library has a podcast! Hosted by Adult Services librarian Deb Hersh and Children's Services librarian Katrina Ireland-Bilodeau, we plan to highlight the Northborough community with interviews with awesome neighbors doing amazing things. 

You must be asking: Who is Doc Tac? 

Her full name is Dr. Taco McBeardface, and she is the library's pet bearded dragon! She lives in the children's room, and brings joy and wonder to all who visit. Doc Tac plans on answering your questions as we delve into podcast-land. 

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Do you have a talent you'd like to chat about with Deb and Katrina? How about a question for our intrepid Dr. McBeardface? We'd love to hear from you! Send us an email at!