Using the Meeting Rooms

Picture of the Meeting Room with 8 tables, several chairs and projector screen.  Picture of Conference Room with a large boardroom table, several swivel chairs and dry erase board.  Picture of the Room of Requirement with 5 child-sized tables, several small chairs, sinks and area rug.  

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Northborough residents ages 18+ can request and use the meeting spaces.
The library has 5 reservable spaces: a large meeting room, a smaller conference room, a space for children's groups, and 2 small study spaces.

The Meeting Room seats up to 100 people, and includes 8 tables that may be set up. It also has a large projector screen and podium. It is on the first floor, connected to the lobby by a hallway.

The Conference Room seats 12 people at a conference table, with perimeter seating to accommodate a total of 20 people. This room has a large dry erase board. It is located to your left as you come in the main doors of the library.

The Room of Requirement accommodates up to 53 people, with 5 tables and 30 chairs. It has a vinyl floor, a large area rug and 2 sinks. It is located in the children's room on the first floor of the library, accessible by either a ramp or a small staircase.

The Study Rooms are located on the second floor. Two are reservable: One near the Adult Services information desk, the other near the science fiction collection. Each room seats 4 people. The one by the desk contains a 4-person study table and the other seats 2 people on each side of the room. Rooms can be reserved for 2-hour time slots once per day (three maximum schedulings). There is a Quiet Study area with multiple tables and desks in the historic part of the library available for drop in study. For more information, please see our Study Room Procedure.
All rooms are equipped with tables and chairs. Upon request, the library can provide a projector, speaker and microphones.

In the kitchen adjacent to the meeting room, you can also use a refrigerator, sink, microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, and 18-55 cup coffee urn.

Please note that library assistance with equipment is not available.
Your meeting may continue after hours (but no later than 10pm) if:

a) the meeting begins during library hours, and
b) the contact person notifies library staff at least 24 hours before the meeting begins with a completed After Hours Use Form, taking responsibility for additional procedures.

The rooms cannot be used on days that the library is closed entirely.

The Meeting Room and Conference Rooms will be isolated from the rest of the library with a pull-down gate. Rest rooms will still be available. The Room of Requirement is not available for after hours.
Yes! The library has very limited parking which must remain available for other library activities. Groups of 50+ people using the Meeting Room should use the town parking lot at the corner of Pierce and Hudson Streets.
Please read the following documents prior to submitting an application:
Meeting and Conference Room Policy
Meeting Room Setup and Breakdown Guidelines.

In Person

Print an Application for Meeting Room Use, or pick up a copy of the form at the library. Fill it out completely and return it to library staff.

By Phone

To reserve the Meeting Room or Conference Room,
call the Circulation Desk, 508-393-5025 x1.

To reserve the Room of Requirement (Children's Program Room),
call the Children's Desk, 508-393-5025 x2.

To reserve a Study Room,
call the Adult Services Desk, 508-393-5025 x3.

Your phone reservation is not complete until a completed and signed copy of the Meeting Room Application is returned to the library.


Fill out the electronic form below. Please note your reservation is not complete until you receive confirmation from library staff via phone or email.

Note: The application requires your signature, stating that you have read the policies and agree to comply with them. The person who signs the application (and/or submits an online Meeting Room request) will serve as the contact person.

Completed applications are good for one calendar year. Upon receipt, the library will keep your application on file. If you need to request additional meeting rooms during the same calendar year, simply call or email us to schedule that.


Online Meeting Room Application Form

IMPORTANT: Having read the Meeting and Conference Room Policy, my group agrees to abide by said policies. By clicking the Submit button below, the undersigned agrees to be personally responsible for any infractions thereof and to assume all responsibilities indicated in the regulations.