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Reserve a Meeting Room or Study Room


Sorry for the inconvenience!

Request a Meeting Room or Study Room reservation in person, by phone or online. To reserve one of our Meeting Rooms online, please click here. Please note that you must be a Northborough resident and have a valid library card to request a Meeting Room reservation online.

Submitting a meeting room request does not confirm your reservation. We will contact you by phone or e-mail to confirm.

We have 3 public Meeting Rooms on the first floor,

and 3 small study rooms on the second level.


To reserve the Meeting Room or Conference Room,
call the Circulation Desk, 508-393-5025 x6.

To reserve the Children's Program Room,
call the Children's Desk, 508-393-5025 x4.

To reserve a Study Room,
call the Adult Services Desk, 508-393-5025 x5.

Groups wishing to use a meeting room must have a Northborough representative who will serve as the primary contact. (Not necessary for the study room.)

About the Rooms

The Meeting Room * seats up to 100 people, and includes 8 tables that may be set up. It is on the first floor, connected to the lobby by a hallway.

The Conference Room will seat 12 people at a conference table, with perimeter seating to accommodate a total of 24 people. It is located to your left as you come in the main doors of the library.

The Room of Requirement is located off the children's room, which is on the first floor of the library. It is accessed by either a ramp or a small staircase. It has a vinyl floor, an area rug, 5 tables and 30 chairs.

The Study Rooms are located on the second floor.  Two are reservable: One near the Adult Services information desk, the other near the fiction collection.  Each room seats 4 people and contains 1 study table. Rooms can be reserved for 2-hour time slots once per day (three maximum schedulings). There is a third, non-reservable study room with two separate desks in the Mystery/SFF Room. Please see our Study Room Procedure: Quiet Study Room Procedure.

Map of Library Lower Level

Map of library lower level

For a detailed map of the upper level, click here.

* There is a small kitchen off the Meeting Room with a refrigerator and sink. People using the Conference Room can also gain access to this kitchen if needed from the Meeting Room hallway.
Details about equipment available is on the Application Form, available below.

Ready to Reserve a Room?

Please read our Meeting Room and Conference Room Policies and Procedures and be sure to take a look at our Meeting Room Setup and Breakdown Guidelines.
Then print an Application for Meeting Room Use, pick one up at the library, or visit our online Meeting Room calendar.

The form requires your signature, stating that you have read the policies and agree to comply with them. The person who signs the form (and/or submits an online Meeting Room request) will serve as our contact person for any questions we may have. Once you have reserved the room by phone, in person or by using our online calendar, we will contact you via phone or email to confirm.

Note that we require a new form once each calendar year.

If you are meeting during library hours, your application is complete. Because we cannot pay our staff overtime, please be sure to end your meeting or program in sufficient time for all attendees to leave the library promptly by closing time.

Your meeting may continue after hours if:

a) the meeting begins during library hours, and
b) the contact person notifies library staff at least 24 hours before the meeting begins with a completed After Hours Use form, taking responsibility for additional procedures.

The Meeting Room and Conference Rooms will be isolated from the rest of the library with a pull-down gate. Rest rooms will still be available. The Room of Requirement is not available for after hours.


For Adult meetings, please call Circulation, 508-393-5025, x6.
For Children's programs, please call the Children's Room, x4. If they have no availability, you may then call Circulation.

Maximum Occupancy:
Groups >50 people must make separate parking arrangements. Extra parking available at Hudson & Pierce Streets.

Conference Room: Total = 26: 14 chairs around one large table, with 12 around the room's periphery.
Meeting Room: Total = 48 if sitting at tables: 8 tables seating 6. Total = 100 chairs for a lecture.
Children's Program Room: Total = 32 children: 8 tables, 32 chairs.

AV Equipment: portable projection screen, projector for computer, microphones, hearing-impaired audio devices. 

In Meeting Room: permanent projection screen. In Conference Room: whiteboard. (No AV support is available.) 

Adjacent Kitchen: refrigerator, sink, microwave, electric kettle, coffee maker, 18-55 cup coffee urn.

Online Meeting Room Application Form

IMPORTANT: Having read the Meeting Rooms Use Policy, my group agrees to abide by said policies. By clicking the Submit button below, the undersigned agrees to be personally responsible for any infractions thereof and to assume all responsibilities indicated in the regulations.