By-Laws of the Friends of the Northborough Library, Inc.

The name of this organization shall be Friends of the Northborough Library, Inc.

The Friends of Northborough Library, Inc. is a recognized charitable organization dedicated to providing assistance both financial and volunteer to the Northborough Free Library.

Membership shall be open to any individual or group interested in the Organization’s objectives. Section 1—The classes of membership and the dues are as follows: Membership Ind./Family $ 12.00 Senior $ 5.00 Merchant/Organization $ 25.00 Sustaining $ 50.00 Benefactor $ 250.00 Section 2—Dues will be paid yearly on member's anniversary of joining.

Section 1—The Officers of this Organization shall include: President, Treasurer, Clerk, Membership Director and Friends’ Directors, all of whom shall be elected annually. These officers shall comprise the Executive Committee. Any or all of these offices may be held in joint tenancy. A. The President shall preside at all meetings and carry on any other duties connected with the office. The President is responsible to distribute an agenda to the Active members at least two (2) days before any meeting. B. The Treasurer shall deposit all dues and administer all funds as directed by the Executive Committee and the Organization. He/she shall keep concurrent the registration for tax exemption purposes with the Internal Revenue Service and the Corporations Division of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The Treasurer shall have the authority to make deposits or withdrawals from all Friends’ accounts for the Organization’s business. In the event of the absence or incapacity of the Treasurer, the President shall have the same authority. The Treasurer may expend from the general fund with a simple majority approval of the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall inform the banks of change of Officers. The Treasurer shall give a monthly report on the activity and status of the treasury. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for giving an annual report of the same at the first meeting of a new year. The Treasurer will file the annual report online with the Secretary of the 2 of 3| P a g e Revised May, 2015 Commonwealth by November 1 of each calendar year. The Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that all federal and state tax returns and reports are filed as required. C. The Clerk shall record the attendance at all meetings and take the minutes of the proceedings at all meetings. The Clerk shall also update, annually, the Corporations Online Filing System for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts with the current slate of Officers within 30 days of the election of the Officers. D. The Membership Director shall collect and acknowledge all dues and pass them on to the Treasurer in a timely manner. The Membership Director shall keep a list of the membership together with their addresses, shall conduct the correspondence of the Organization, and shall give a yearly report on the status of membership. E. The Friends’ Directors are members of the Executive Committee.
Section 2—Officers will be elected from an annual meeting of the membership. The slate of officers will be determined at the October Meeting. Officers will be elected at November meeting by a majority vote of those present. All newly elected officers shall take over their duties on January 1st of the following year.
Section 3—The Executive Committee will appoint persons to fill vacancies for the remainder of the term.

Section 1—The Executive Committee shall approve the annual budget. Any expenditure approved in the budget does not require subsequent approval. The Executive Committee must approve any expenditure over $500 not in the budget. A quorum shall consist of a majority of the Executive Committee. A quorum of the Executive Committee is required for approval of the aforementioned duties. The Library Director shall be an ex-officio, non-voting member of the Executive Committee. One person from the Executive Committee shall serve as liaison to the Board of Trustees of the Library.
Section 2—The Executive Committee shall form standing committees. The standing committees shall be those necessary to perform the objectives of the Organization.
Section 3-- The Executive Committee has the discretion to approve small expenditures for the greater library community under extraordinary circumstances.
Section 4—The President shall call monthly meetings. At least ten (10) monthly meetings should be held each year. The agenda of the monthly meetings should be determined by the President. The President has discretion to address items from the floor.
Section 5—The President shall have discretion to solicit feedback electronically from Friends’ members about time sensitive items that arise between monthly meetings. Approval of said items may be by electronic vote of the Executive Committee. 3 of 3| P a g e Revised May, 2015

The Executive Committee shall review the by-laws annually in April. A copy of the proposed revisions shall be delivered to all active members of the Friends of the Library at least two (2) days before the meeting at which they will be voted. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the attendees at said meeting shall be required to adopt any revisions. 

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