The Science Session-Electricity!
We conducted several experiments 
to conduct energy.

The Science Session Jr.-Static Electricity
We used a balloon to create static electricity and 
tested several materials to see what would happen.

April Reading Challenge

This month's reading challenge:

Read a book where the title is only a single word.

When you've read it, come in and write a short review and enter your name to win April's raffle!

Congratulations to Grace, who won our March Reading Challenge!  She picked out her prize and chose April's challenge.

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Library Mission Statement

The Northborough Free Library provides materials, space, access and opportunities for members of the community to learn and discover; to enrich their lives and further their personal goals; and to engage with others in a comfortable environment.

2015 NSCBA Books

Eleven titles have been chosen for the NSCBA- the Northboro/Southboro Children's Book Awards.  Read at least 3 of the 11 books and vote for your favorite! 

Titles are available in the Children's Room.  Check out a couple today!

New iPad apps!

From book-based apps like Pigeon! and Moo Baa La, to learning apps like Reading Rainbow, to apps that are just plain fun, our iPads are loaded with kid-pleasing fare.

Borrow one today!

New! ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) Resource Center

We have new books for kids and adults, fidget toys, game packets, and more...  In addition, two iPads are provided by a grant from the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation for Autism, an Allison Keller iPad Grant.

A Friendly Reminder...

Each month we get many more calls than we have spots in Children's Programs.  Please remember, if you do not show up for a program, you have taken a spot away from another child who wanted to participate.
The Children's Staff asks that if you cannot attend a program you have signed up for you give us a call to let us know.